Terms + Conditions

My goal is to be as transparent as possible when helping you design and build your brand and visual identity. The information below outlines a few of the key terms/conditions that I work hard to adhere to as your designer. 

  1. I do not work on any projects that participate in or promote hate, violence, prejudice or oppression against any group, race, sex, organization, political party or religion; any projects that require profanity or sexual themes of any kind (explicit or not), or any projects that require negative, crass or derogatory language in the artwork or imagery. This is without exception. 
  2. A deposit is required to start any work. Even if a start date is agreed upon, the project will be on hold until the deposit is received. Any payments made are considered agreement to the terms that are sent to you for your particular project. Please read your individual terms before making a payment or deposit. Deposits are non-refundable after first drafts/concepts are delivered.
  3. Quotes last for 30 days from the date they are emailed to you. In the event that you decide you will book at a later time, please note that a quote does not "hold a spot" for you in the client cue. A quote is not a guarantee of service nor is it an obligation for you to hire me.
  4. I do not offer RUSH services. Existing projects needing emergency revisions will have to handled case by case.
  5. Your launch or release date must be at least 1-2 months away from the date you that you intend to pay your deposit or payment. This is to allow for revisions and timely delivery of artwork for any planned marketing campaigns or events.
  6. My work and communication hours are M-F 11am-8pm PST.  Any message you send will be addressed within 8-16 hours. Any messages or communication after 8pm PST will be answered the next day. Weekends are for family, and family time is precious commodity. Please do not expect detailed communication on weekends.

Other more specific terms are included in the client invoice packet  once services are ordered. 



Any information collected from you (email, name, social links and other media or collateral) are for private use. They will not be shared with any third party under any circumstance without your expressed permission. Please refer to your invoice and individual terms for the client related privacy policy which includes what information is considered confidential and/or sensitive.